Dyson Washing Machine Error Codes

Error CodesMeaning
F1Drum overloaded
F2Out of Balance
F3Outer Door open
F4Inner Door open
F5Not draining
F6Not filling
F7Tacho open circuit
F9Not used
F10Over speed (motor triac failure)
F11No Motor action
F12Invalid temp signal
F13Not heating
F15Gear change failure (too slow)
F16Not stopping ( motor triac failure)
F17Not used
F18Gear change failure (too quick!)

Maintenance & Water filter

Dyson Washing Machine Water filter
Dyson Washing Machine Water filter

To access the rear of the machine use the Rollerjack handle to pull the machine out.

Cleaning the water inlet filters: The water inlet filters should be checked regularly for debris or limescale build-up (particularly in a hard water area). Contact your local water authority to find out your water composition.

  • Turn off the water supply to the machine.
  • Unscrew both water inlet hoses by hand.
  • Using pliers, grip the coloured filters, pull them out and rinse them under cold water.
  • Replace the filters, red to the hot fill and blue to the cold fill, and reconnect the water inlet hoses.

NB: Some water may remain in the hoses.

Cleaning the soap tray

Dyson Washer Clear Soap Tray
Dyson Washer Clear Soap Tray
  • Remove the soap tray by pressing the yellow release button at the back of the tray, and pulling it out.
  • Wash it in warm, soapy water with a small, soft brush, taking care not to scratch the soap tray front.
  • The soap tray cavity in the machine should be cleaned out with a small, soft brush, taking care not to dislodge the rubber seal.
  • Replace the soap tray ensuring it ‘clicks’ into place.

Dyson Washing Machine Troubleshooting

Some solutions may require you to disconnect the electricity and water supply.

Dyson Washing Machine Troubleshooting
Dyson Washing Machine Troubleshooting
SymptomPossible causes and Solutions
LCD display is blankThere is no power to the machine. Ensure the machine is plugged in and switched on. Check the fuse and also that the circuit breaker has not tripped.
Certain spin speeds, temperatures or soil types cannot be selectedThere are limits set on these options for each programme to prevent unsuitable options being selected.
Cannot open outer doorMachine has not finished the cycle. Wait for the machine to finish the cycle before opening the door. To cancel the wash hold down the ‘Cancel’ button.
Machine has paused and the water level is too high or the water is too hot. Press ‘Start’ to resume the wash.
Child lock is active. Hold down the ‘Minimum iron’ button until ‘Child lock off’ is shown on LCD.
Power cut or any other cause not listed above.
Machine leaks waterCoin trap cover is not in place, or the plug is not closed. Turn off the water supply to the machine and ensure that the coin trap cover is correctly fitted and that the plug is closed.
Machine is not level. Adjust the feet until the machine is level.
Drainage hose is not connected correctly. Check the drainage hose is draining into a suitable place (drain, sink or standpipe).
Inlet hoses are not positioned or correctly fitted. Ensure the hoses are fitted correctly.
Soap tray is open. Close the soap tray.
Machine shakes during the cycle2 adjustable front feet are not level. Adjust feet until the machine is level.
Rollerjack handle has not been replaced under the machine. Return the Rollerjack handle carefully to its position under the machine.
Burning smellTransit packaging not removed. Remove top, rear and front packaging.
Clothes warm at end of cycleHot and cold pipes reversed. Check orientation of hot and cold pipes.
Child lock onThe child lock has not been deactivated. Hold down the ’Minimum iron’ button until ‘Child lock off’ is shown on the LCD.
Overload reduced performanceThe recommended wash load has been exceeded or unusual items have been washed. The wash load is uneven.
Uneven load could not spinThe machine sensed that spinning would be unsafe. Unusual items eg: trainers may have been washed. Remove some items or reload the machine and select ‘Spin only’.
Close outer door then press startOuter door not closed properly, manual release still open. Close the outer door, ensuring nothing is trapped. Turn manual release clockwise.
Close inner door then press startInner door not closed properly. Close the inner door, ensuring nothing is trapped.
Not emptying: check hose and coin trapCoin trap blocked. Remove blockages.
Machine full of suds. Leave suds to settle. In future, refer to the manufacturer’s dosage instructions.
Drainage hose not draining. Check that the drainage hose is installed according to the installation instructions.
Not filling: check water supplyWater supply is not connected. Check that the water supply is connected and turned on at the tap.
Filter is blocked. Clean the filters.
Inlet hoses are blocked or kinked. Unblock or straighten the inlet hoses.
Drainage hose is installed incorrectly. Unblock or straighten the drainage hose.
Flood protection hose (Memory only). Fitted back to front.

Dyson Washing Machine Manual PDF

official site: dyson.com

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