JVC Projector Error Codes

JVC Projector – D-ILA Projector DLA-SH7NL Model: The latest error code (Warning Status) appears in the Main Menu when an abnormality occurs in the projector. Error details are as follows:

Error CodeMeaning
1Lamp 1 does not turn on.
2Accumulated lamp time for Lamp 1 has exceeded 2000 hours.
6Lamp 1 goes off during projection.
8Abnormally high temperature in the projector.
9Abnormally high temperature around the intake vent.
AAbnormally high ambient temperature around the lamp.
15The lamp cover is open.
30Trouble with CPU circuit board.
31Trouble with MAIN circuit board.
31Trouble with DD-RB circuit board.
33Trouble with DD-G circuit board.
40FAN1 (the cooling fan for Lamp 1) has stopped.
41FAN2 (the cooling fan for Lamp 2) has stopped.
42FAN3 (the cooling fan for overall exhaust/prism) has stopped.
43FAN4 (the auxiliary cooling fan for exhaust) has stopped.
44FAN5 (the cooling fan for the lighting system (PCS)) has stopped.
45FAN6 (the cooling fan for the device) has stopped.
46FAN7 (the cooling fan for the MAIN circuit board) has stopped.
47FAN8 (the cooling fan for the DD circuit board) has stopped.
48FAN9 (the cooling fan for the power supply of the circuit) has stopped.
49FAN10 (the cooling fan for the power supply of Lamp 1) has stopped.
4AFAN11 (the cooling fan for the power supply of Lamp 2) has stopped.
50Trouble with mechanical shutter.
51Lamp 2 does not turn on.
52Accumulated lamp time for Lamp 2 has exceeded 2000 hours.
56Lamp 2 goes off during projection.

What to do when these messages are displayed

Messages are displayed when the lamp life has expired and when there is input of signals that cannot be used.

Lamp Time Over: Displayed when the lamp time has exceeded 2000 hours. The message is displayed for a period of 3 minutes during each projection. Replace w1th a new lamp unit. For details on replacement of the lamp unit, please consult your authorized dealer.

Out of Range: When there is input of video signals that cannot be used with this unit. Input video signals that can be used.

No Input: When no device is connected to the input terminal. When the input terminal is connected but there is no signal. Input the video signals.

Warnings Using Indicators

The lamp time and warning mode are indicated using the indicator. For indicator displays during normal operation, refer to the note below.

Warnings Using Indicators
Warnings Using Indicators

JVC Projector – Model 250 Projector: The first column of the table lists the error number code that appears on the PC screen. The second column describes the on-screen text. The third column provides a description of the problem and any other pertinent information.

JVC Projector - Model 250 Projector
JVC Projector – Model 250 Projector
Error NumberOn-Screen TextDescription
1.5“Invalid read/wrt”Software error-mismatch. Open mode vs. Write or Read command.
1.12“Ser parity error”Serial Port Parity error-not currently used.
1.13“Bad dev I/O oper” Software error-invalid I/O request.
1.27“Timeout on Read”Software error-unexpected timeout on Read.
1.34“No mem available”Software error-no heap available for memory allocation.
2.1“Invalid Sector”Software error-invalid Flash sector number.
2.2“Write Timeout” Flash Memory Write Failure.
2.3“Erase Timeout”Flash Memory Erase Sector Failure.
2.4“Verify Error”Flash Memory Write Verify Failure.
3.1“Pin Timeout”IIC Slave HW protocol error-possible on each byte transfer.
3.2“BB Timeout”IIC Slave HW protocol error-1st error possible on Read or Write.
3.3“No Slave Ack”IIC Slave HW protocol error-missing acknowledgement on byte transfer. NOTE: This error occurs if the slave is missing. During Power On, this error is reported in the POWER category.
4.1“CD PCA Missing”“No Slave Ack” on first poll of Convergence/ Deflection PCB.
4.2“CD PCA Not OK”/CD_OK is high (BAD).
4.3”HVD PCA Missing”“No Slave Ack” status on first poll of Horizontal/Vertical Deflection PCB.
4.4“HVD PCA Not OK”HVD_OK is High (BAD)-[/HVD_OK requires RTG Timing.
4.5“VA PCA Missing”“No Slave Ack” status on first poll of Video Processor.
4.6“VA PCA Not OK”/VA_OK is High (BAD).
4.7“VP PCA Missing”“No Slave Ack” status on first poll of VP.
4.8“VP PCA Not OK”VP_OK is High (BAD)
4.9“RTG PCA Missing”“No Slave Ack” status on first poll of RTG
4.10“RTG PCA Not OK”RTG_OK is High (BAD)
4.14“Lamp Startup”Lamp Failed to light (/LAMP_LIT_B not Low for 3 seconds out of 20 seconds.)
4.15“Low Voltage PS”Low Voltage PS failed (/LV_OK_B is High).
4.16“High Voltage PS”High Voltage PS failed (/HV_OK_B is High).
4.17“VIC1 Board Not OK”/VIC_OK is High (BAD) on VIC Slot 1.
4.18“VIC 2 Board Not Ok”/VIC_OK is High (BAD) on VIC Slot 2.
4.19“VIC3 Board Not OK” /VIC_OK is High (BAD) on VIC Slot 3.
4.20 “VIC1 Invalid Type”Software does not support VIC_ID in Slot 1.
4.21“VIC2 Invalid Type” Software does not support VIC_ID in Slot 2.
4.22“VIC3 Invalid Type”Software does not support VIC_ID in Slot 3.
4.23“Shutters Missing”One or more shutters not installed (BAD).
4.24"Lamp Start Not On"/LAMP_OK is high, lamp module not installed, jumper missing, ALPS bad.
6.1“Sync Timeout”No Header found in data stream - possible baud rate error.
6.2“No Char Repeat”Expected data characters to be repeated - failed.
6.3“Invalid Format”Data not in Extron or JVC Switcher format.
7.1“Write Len Error”Ansi Output to RS232 port was interrupted - incomplete.
8.1“VIC Slot is empty”User has selected a Channel - VIC is not present.
8.2“VIC Type Changed”User has selected a Channel - VIC type has changed. User may have swapped a VIC into an incorrect slot.
8.3“Interpol Blocked”Software process error - Interpolation Process not allowed to run by higher priority processes.
9.1“Quad Dec Not Init”HW: Quad Decoder failed Startup Sequence.
10.1“Shutter Stat BAD”One or more shutters reading wrong status.

One other error may appear on the monitor screen with the statement “Assertion Failed” (only if the PC is connected to Port A). This is a very rare but serious error. If it occurs:

  1. Copy the three lines that appear on the screen.
  2. Note what occurred just prior to this failure.
  3. Call Hughes-JVC at 1 800 392-9666.

JVC Projector Troubleshooting

Table lists some common projector problems, what to check when problems occur, and offers possible solutions. It indicates the section in this Service Manual that provides some related information on the problem. If the User’s Guide contains pertinent information, the appropriate section will be given.

ProblemCheck-Possible Solution
No PowerMain Circuit Breaker on Projector rear panel. Reset Circuit Breaker.
Main Circuit Breaker fails when reset. Verify input power is correct. Replace defective Low Voltage Power Supply or Arc Lamp Power Supply.
Projector cover not enabling interlock switch? Reposition projector cover.
No PictureCorrect channel input & VIC selected? Select correct channel and VIC.
Arc Lamp turned off. Restart projector.
System power turned off. Restart projector.
Signal source. Verify signal source is turned on and properly connected.
HIDE command invoked? Unhide image with the HIDE key on the remote.
One color is missing. Turn on the missing color with the HIDE key.
No image or raster on one CRT. Replace defective CRT or Video Amplifier Board.
Arc LampArc Lamp will not light. Clicking noise is heard when projector is turned on. Replace worn out Arc Lamp.
Clicking noise not audible when projector is turned on. LVPS, ALPS, or Ignitor faulty. Replace LVPS, ALPS, or Ignitor.
Arc Lamp ignites but will not stay lit. Replace defective Ignitor.

Resetting the Lamp Time

Reset the lamp time when you have replaced the lamp. It provides an estimated timing for lamp replacement.

Resetting the Lamp Time
Resetting the Lamp Time

Resetting the lamp time from the menu screen.

  1. Press the MENU button to display the menu.
  2. Select Function-Lamp Reset
  3. On the Reset Lamp Time screen, select Yes and Press the OK button. The lamp time is reset to zero.


JVC Projector DLA-X7500 DLA-X9500 DLA X5500 Manual PDF

source: www.us.jvc.com/projectors

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