Sharp Air Conditioner Error Codes

Error CodesProblem
EEButtons are locked
E0Water pump malffunction
E1High pressure protection of compressor
E2Indoor anti-frozen of compressor
E3Low pressure protection of compressor
E4Air discharge high-temperature protection of compressor
E5Overload protection of compressor
E6Transmit malfunction
E8Indoor fan protection
E9Water flow protection
FFConnected control communications failure
F0Malfunction of indoor environment sensor at air return vent
F1Evaporator sensor malfunction
F2Condenser sensor malfunction
F3Outdoor environment sensor malfunction
F4Malfunction of air discharge sensor
F5Malfunction of environment sensor on displayer
H8The water tank gets full. Pour out water in the tank.
Sharp Air Conditioner Remote Control
Sharp Air Conditioner Remote Control


The following conditions do not denote equipment malfunctions.

Unit Does Not OperateThe unit will not operate if it is turned on immediately after it is turned off. The unit will not operate immediately after the mode is changed. This is to protect the internal mechanisms. Wait 3 minutes before operating the unit.
Unit Does Not Send Out Warm AirThe unit is preheating or de-icing.
OdorsCarpet and furniture odors that entered into the unit and the air conditioner's inner component odors at the early stage of installation may be sent out from the unit.
Cracking NoiseThe unit may produce a cracking noise. This sound is generated by the friction of the front panel and other components expanding or connecting due to a temperature change.
A Low Buzzing Noise EmittedThis is a sound emitted when the unit is generating Plasmacluster ions.
Indoor Unit Becomes Warm Even When Idle
This is because the refrigerant also floes through the idle indoor unit's pipes when the other unit is operated in HEAT mode.
Indoor Unit Becomes Warm Even When Not During Heating Operation
When the PLASMACLUSTER button is pressed while the unit is not operating, the without accompanying air conditioning mode (er. HEATING or COOLING). At this time, you may feel warm air coming out from the unit air outlet if HEATING is performed with units in other rooms. Indoor fan will decrease its rotating speed and will turn ON and OFF depending on the room temperature.
Swishing NoiseThe soft, swishing noise is the sound of the refrigerant flowing inside the unit.
Water Vapour
In the COOL and DRY operation, water vapour can sometimes be seen at the air outlet due to the difference between the room air temperature and the air discharged by the unit.
The Outdoor Unit Does Not StopAfter stopping the operation, the outdoor unit will rotate its fan for about a minute to cool down the unit.
Odor Emitted From The Plasmacluster Air OutletThis is the smell of ozone generated from the Plasmacluster ion generator. The ozone concentration is very small, posing no adverse effect on your health. The ozone discharged into the air rapidly decomposes, and its density in the room will not increase.
Unit Does Not Operate In Your Requested Mode
When one indoor unit is operating in COOL or DRY mode, you can not operate the other unit in HEAT mode. (After a few seconds, a long BEEP will be emitted, and the OPERATION lamp and TIMER lamp will blink alternately.)
Unit Does Not Send Out AirThe other unit(s) is/are de-icing.
Sharp Air Conditioner Remote Control Display
Sharp Air Conditioner Remote Control Display

Cleaning The Filters

Sharp Air Conditioner Cleaning The Filters
Sharp Air Conditioner Cleaning The Filters
  1. Turn off the unit,
  2. Open the intake grille,
  3. Remove the air filters, Push both projections on the air filters slightly and unhook the filters,
  4. Clean the air filters, Use a vacuum cleaner to remove dust. If the filters are dirty, wash them with warm water and a mild detergent. Dry filters in the shade before reinstalling,
  5. Reinstall the air filters, Face front side down and reinstall the filters in the original positions. Push in the hooks securely,
  6. Close the intake grille.

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