Asko Washing Machine Error Codes – What They Mean

Asko washing machine error codes are crucial for users to monitor their appliance’s performance. These codes provide quick diagnostic insights, covering issues such as water supply problems and electrical faults. Understanding these error codes is essential for users to swiftly troubleshoot and maintain their washing machines, ensuring their longevity and efficient operation.

Codes List

Error CodesProblem
E1THERMISTOR ERROR Temperature sensor error.
E6HEATING ERROR Water heating error
E7DRAINING ERROR Water draining error
E7.1DRAIN SYSTEM ALERT Water drain system alert
E11OVERFLOW Water overflowing
E22DOOR LOCK ERROR Error while locking the door
E23DOOR UNLOCK ERROR Error while unlocking the door
E36COMMUNICATION UI AND PMCU Error in UI and PMCU communication

Washer Description

Asko Washing Machine Description
Asko Washing Machine Description

Error indication on the display unit: STERIL TUB ALERT Warning – Self-cleaning program

What to do: Use the self-cleaning program (DRUM CLEANING);

  • If F1 is flashing on the display: 1. Shut off the water tap  2. Contact the Customer Care Center at the number listed at the bottom of this page!
  • If F3 is flashing on the display: there is a drainage problem. Check: that no objects are stuck in the drainage hose outlet. 1.that the drain pump is not blocked by foreign objects. Clean the pump (see the “Care and cleaning” chapter). 2 that there are no kinks in the drainage hose. After taking the necessary action, run the Drain program or press the Door Opening button (key symbol) to empty the machine. If the problem persists, contact the Customer Care Center at the number listed at the bottom of this page!
  • If F4 is flashing on the display: Fault with water supply. Check: 1. that the tap on the water pipe is open. 2. that the filter in the machine’s water intake is not blocked.
  • If F6 is flashing on the display: Contact the Customer Care Center at the number listed at the bottom of this page!

Unevenly distributed laundry or lumps of laundry in the washing machine drum may cause problems such as vibration and noisy operation. The washing machine will sense this and activate the UKS* (*unbalance system). Smaller loads (e.g. one towel, one sweater, one bathrobe etc.) or clothes made of materials with special geometrical properties are virtually impossible to distribute evenly across the washing machine drum (slippers, large items etc.). This results in several attempts to redistribute the laundry, which in turn leads to longer program duration. In extreme cases of unfavourable conditions, the program can be completed without the spinning cycle. UKS* (*unbalance system) allows stable operation and extends the useful life of the appliance.

Asko Washing Machine Control Panel
Asko Washing Machine Control Panel


ProblemWhat to do
Washing machine door does not open.Water level too high. Drain the water using the Drain or Spinning program.
The machine will not start.Power supply failure. Press the Start button to resume the program.
Washing program is not in progress.Washing machine door is not properly closed. Firmly press on the washing machine door until you hear two clicks when it is closed.
Washing time is longer than anticipated (the time is regularly updated on the display unit).Low inlet water temperature. Program duration can be up to 60% longer than initially anticipated in the normal progress.
Display does not light up.There is no voltage in the appliance. Check if the plug is connected to the power outlet and whether there is electric current (or voltage) in the outlet.
The wording on the display unit is not in your language.You have not selected your preferred language yet.
Wet laundryA small amount of laundry will often be unevenly distributed. Loosen and redistribute the laundry and select the Drain or Spinning program.
There are traces of grease (or grease rolls) on the clothes.The laundry was very greasy. Wash the laundry again. When your laundry is this heavily soiled, add more washing powder or use a liquid detergent.
There are white residues of washing powder on the laundry.This is not due to poor rinsing by your washing machine, but rather due to phosphate- free detergents which contain ingredients (zeolites) for water softening. These ingredients may be deposited on the laundry.

Manual Pdf

Asko Washing Machine Manual PDF 1

Asko Washing Machine Manual PDF 2

Asko Washing Machine Manual PDF 3

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  1. My Asko front loader makes a rattling sounds as it washes normally.
    Can something have fallen between the tub and the outer casing that rattles as if a bearing is loos or worn.
    The machine is only 8 years old and is used only once per month.


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