The Most Common Error Codes Of Ferroli Boiler

Ferroli boiler error codes help identify issues with the device. These codes assist in quickly and accurately diagnosing problems, ensuring the smooth operation of the boiler unit.

Fault Codes List

The boiler is equipped with an advanced self-diagnosis system. In case of a boiler fault, the display will flash together with the fault symbol indicating the fault code.

There are faults that cause permanent shutdown : to restore operation, press the RESET button for 1 second or RESET on the optional remote timer con- trol if installed; if the boiler fails to start, it is necessary to eliminate the fault.

Faults marked with the letter “F” cause temporary shutdowns that are automatically reset as soon as the value returns within the boiler’s normal working range.

Fault CodesProblem
A01No burner ignition.
A02Flame present signal with burner off
A03Overtemperature protection activation
A04Fume extraction duct safety device activation
A05Fan protection activated
A06No flame after ignition stage (6 times in 4 minutes)
F07High fume temperature
F10Delivery sensor 1 fault. heck the wiring or replace the sensor.
F11Return sensor fault
F12DHW sensor fault
F13Fume sensor fault
F14Delivery sensor 2 fault
F15Fan fault
F20Incorrect system water pressure
F21Incorrect system water pressure
A26System protection activation
F34Supply voltage under 170V
F35Faulty mains frequency
F37Incorrect system water pressure
F39External probe fault
F40Incorrect system water pressure
A41Sensor positioning
F42Heating sensor fault
F47System water pressure sensor fault

i25-i29 Model Codes

Ferroli Boiler Fault Codes
Ferroli Boiler Fault Codes

Part Meaning

Ferroli Boiler General View and Main Components
Ferroli Boiler General View and Main Components

Periodical Check

To keep the unit working properly over time, it is necessary to have qualified personnel make an annual check that in-cludes the following tests:

  1. The control and safety devices (gas valve, flow meter, thermostats, etc.) must function correctly.
  2. The fume extraction circuit must be fully efficient.
  3. The airtight chamber must be sealed
  4. The air-fume end piece and ducts must be free of obstructions and leaks
  5. The condensate evacuation system must be efficient with no leakage or obstructions.
  6. The burner and exchanger must be clean and free of scale. When cleaning, do not use chemical products or wirebrushes.
  7. The electrode must be free of scale and properly positioned.
  8. The gas and water systems must be airtight.
  9. The water pressure in the cold water system must be about 1 bar; otherwise, bring it to that value.
  10. The circulation pump must not be blocked.
  11. The expansion tank must be filled.
  12. The gas flow and pressure must correspond to that given in the respective tables.

The boiler casing, panel and aesthetic parts can be cleaned with a soft damp cloth, possibly soaked in soapywater. Do not use any abrasive detergents and solvents.

Control Panel

Ferroli Boiler Control Panel
Ferroli Boiler Control Panel
Ferroli Boiler Control Panel
Control Panel 2


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