Hisense Washer and Dryer Error Codes – How to Fix Them

Hisense is a white goods and electronics manufacturer based in China. They are the largest TV production house in the country since 2004. Offering such a wide range of options they started to retail products under brands such as Toshiba, Sharp, Gorenje, Ronshen, and Kelon. As they are an OEM corporation and offer products to other companies and sell under their names as well.

The company’s main and largest production is their TVs, but they offer a wide range of products from refrigerators, ovens, mobile phones, air conditioners, to smartphones, and washing machines. Covering a wide range of home appliances that you commonly use on a daily basis.

Washers are an integral part of your home, one that requires constant attention. Keeping up with the system helps eliminate issues, but there are times when you will find yourself facing an error. Start by noting down the error code, and match it using the list below. Once you have the error code you can easily work your way to the fix. To help you out we have listed down some of the most common error codes for Hisense washers.

Codes List

  • F01: Water inflow fault.
  • F03: Drainage fault. Not fully drained within 6 minutes.
  • F04: Heating Error. The heater is out of order. Give an alarm after the washing course ends.
  • F05: Electronic module fault, overflow or too much foam.
  • F06: No Motor Speed Feefback Error. The rotation speed is not set as 0, but no rotation speed is detected within 3s or the rotation speed is below 20rpm, 5 attempts.
  • F07: Motor SCR Short Circuit Error. 1. The rotation speed is not set as 0, but the measured rotation speed>set rotation speed+80, and last for 3 seconds 2. The rotation speed is set as 0, but the rotation speed rises rather than declines, exceeding 10 turns within 3 seconds.
  • F08: Heater Circuit Error. The main control detected a heater circuit failure. This failure modes are checked before the cycle starts and after the spinning steps.
  • F12: Heater Circuit Error. The main control detected a heater circuit failure. This failure modes are checked before the cycle starts and after the spinning steps.
  • F13: Door lock fault. Start program for 20 sec and unlock the washer door(PTC) to check whether the door is closed.
  • F14: EEPROM Error. The central control unit (CCU) receives its’s data from an EEPROM onboard the CCU, if there is an error reading this data it will cause this error.
  • F15: F17 indicates no water coming into the condensing chamber during drying. Unplug the appliance. Take the top off. Check to see if the condensing chamber below the heating chamber is blocked.
  • F21: User Interface Error. -Check wiring connection to the display module. -Check display module. -Check control unit (CCU).
  • F23: FWL Sensor Error. 1. The FWL sensor is out of order 2. When water level frequency maintain condition of below 10 kHz and over 30 kHz.
  • F24: Water Level Reaches Overflow Level. Water is overflowing.(water level frequency is over 36.8kHz). If F24 is displayed, the drain pump will operate to drain the water automatically.
  • F26: Pump Driver Failure. If the CCU detects during the wash cycle that the triac of the pump is defective it will display this failure. Check the resistance of the pressoswitch. A failure of the pressosswitch colud also cause the code. If OK start start service test to check CCU. İf the ailure occurs replace the CCU.
  • F27: Reversing relay failure. If the CCU detects that the motor is possible to rotate only in one direction this failure is displayed. – Check the harness the motor. – Check the CCU.
  • F28: Tapped Field Failure. If the CCU is not able to switch ON the tapped field of the motor this failure code is displayed. -Check if the correct motor is build in. -Check the resistance of the fields of the motor. -Check the harness between motor and CCU. -If the points above are OK replace the CCU.
  • UNB: Unbalance alarm. Press “Power Supply” key for 3 sec to turn off the machine.
  • FH: Water supply fault. Water tap closed.
  • FP: Draining fault. Clean pump.
  • FA: Water Stop fault.
  • Fod: Over foaming fault.

Heat Pump Dryer Codes

Hisense Dryer Error Codes
Hisense Dryer Error Codes

Errors indicated on the display unit may include the following:

  • E00: Control unit failure.
  • E01: Temperature sensor failure.
  • E02: Communication error.
  • E03: Pump error.
  • E04: System overheating. Clean the filter.
  • E06, E07, E08: Control unit failure. Disconnect the tumble dryer from the power supply. Call service centre.
  • FULL: Condensate tank warning. Empty the condensate tank before resuming the programme.
  • Power supply failure warning. Drying interrupted due to power supply failure. Press the (3) START/PAUSE button to restart or resume the drying programme.

Control Panel

Hisense Washer Control Panel
Hisense Washer Control Panel

In case of any abnormal conditions are detected during running, turn off all loads except for door lock, and then the buzzer sounds to give an alarm.

Ensure that the water has cooled before draining the appliance. In addition, place a large container in front of the filter to collect water flowing from the filter.

  • The drain hose is frozen up.
  • Plug in the appliance again.

Select and start the “Drain” programme and restart the desired programme. If the fault occurs again, please contact After-Sales Service.

Parts Meaning

Hisense Washing Machine Parts
Hisense Washing Machine Parts

How to Fix Error Codes?

The appliance stops during the programme. For models with a remaining time display, a failure code between “F01” to “F07” and “F13″or “UNB”appears on the display.

F01 and F02:

press the “start/pause” button to cancel the failure code and start the programme; if the fault persists,unplug the appliance and contact After-Sales Service.


Switch the appliance off and Check whether drain pump is blocked or drain hose is tied; if the fault persists, unplug the appliance and contact After-Sales Service.

F04 to F07:

Switch the appliance off and select the desired programme; if the fault persists, unplug the appliance and contact After-Sales Service.


Check whether the door is closed or not and press the start/pause button; ” ” if the fault persists, unplug the appliance and contact After-Sales Service.


Switch the appliance off and rearrange the clothes, then select the spin programme and start; if the fault persists, unplug the appliance and contact.

Hisense Washing Machine Fault Code List
Hisense Washing Machine Fault Code List


Hisense Washing Machine Troubleshooting
Hisense Washing Machine Troubleshooting

Your washing machine is equipped with various automatic safety functions. This enables faults to be detected in good time and the safety system can then react appropriately. These faults are frequently so minor that they can be resolved within a few minutes.

The washing machine will not start and no indicator lamps are on.Check whether: The mains plug is inserted into the socket and the power switched "ON". The wall socket is functioning correctly(use a table lamp or similar appliance to test it).
The washing machine will not start.Check whether: The door is properly closed (child safety). The "Start /Pause" button has been pressed. The Water tap is opened and press the"Start/Pause" button.
The appliance stops during the programme.Check whether: The "Rinse Hold " indicator lamp lights up; terminate this option by pressing the "Start/Pause" button or by choosing and starting the "Drain" programme. Another programme has been selected and the "Start/Pause" button not be pressed.Reselect the desired programme and press the "Start/Pause" button.
Residue from detergent and additives left in the detergent drawer at end of wash.Check whether: -The cover grid of the softener chamber and the separator of the main wash chamber are correctly installed in the detergent dispenser and all parts are clean. -Sufficient water is entering. The mesh filters of the water supply could be blocked. -The position of the separator in the main wash chamber is adapted to the use of powder or liquid detergent.
Machine vibrates during spin cycle.Check whether: -The washing machine is level and standing firmly on all four feet. -The transport bolts have been removed. Before using the machine, it is imperative that the transport bolts are removed.
Final spin results are poor.-If the laundry is still too wet at the end of the cycle, remove some articles of laundry and repeat the spin cycle. -Excessive foam formation may prevent spinning. Use the correct amount of detergent. -Check that the spin speed selector has not been set to " 0".

How do I take off child lock on my Hisense washer?

To strengthen the safety of children, this machine is equipped with Child Lock function.

  1. When the programme starts, press “Temp.+Spin”button for 2 seconds. The machine will beep once. Scree will show “SAFE On”. After 2 seconds, the screen will show the program left time. Repeat this operation, the machine will beep once. The screen will show “SAFE OFF”, the Child Lock will be released.
  2. When the Child Lock is set, all function buttons except “Off” will be shielded.Once any function except “Off” is chosen, the machine will beep. The screen will show “SAFE On” for 2 seconds. After the program ends, Child lock function will release automatically. Any error alarm will release the Child Lock function.
  3. Turn off and on the machine manually will reset the machine. 4. Child Lock function cannot be set when the machine is in standby state.

Manuals Pdf

User Manual

Service Manual -WFU7012&WFU7012S

Users Operation Manual- W10592262A

Users Operation Manual – HWGE9014

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