Midea Washing Machine Error Codes

The following table is a list of the fault indicators and corresponding alarms.

Midea Washing Machine Display

Midea Washing Machine Display

F0Alarm for the power cut off failed.1. Cut off power and start it 5 minutes later. 2. Report for repairing
F2Alarm for reading EEPROM failed.Report for repairing.
E1Alarm for abnormal water intaking.1. Open the water tap. 2. Hydraulic pressure is low, increase inlet water amount.
E2Alarm for water drain has not finished.Check if water drain hose is placed correctly. Clean the stem.
E3Alarm for lid not closed before spin.Please close the door lid.
E4Alarm for washing stay at one side.Placed the washing equably.
F8Alarm for water level sensor.Report for repairing.
HUHigh voltage protection ≥ 270±10VThe power cut off automatically.
E10Inlet water overtimeOpen the water tap,to check if the inlet hose is squashed or kinked,check the filter in the inlet valve is blocked or not;check if the water pressure is too low.
E21Overtime of the drainageCheck if the drain pump is blocked.
E30The door has not been closedCheck if the door of the Washing machine is closed check if the clothes is pinned by the door.
E50OthersPlease call up the service line if there is any other problem.


If the clothes washer does not perform as expected, malfunctions, or an alarm is sounding, please check the following list of possible solutions.

Midea Washing Machine Display

Midea Washing Machine Display

Door will not openThis is the machine’s safety protection.Disconnect the power, wait a few minutes, door will then open.
Heating faultHeating element damaged.

  • Can only wash without heat.

  • Contact the service centre promptly.

Water leakage

  • The connection between inlet pipe or outlet hose and tap or washing machine is not tight.

  • Drain pipe is blocked.

  • Check and fasten water pipes.

  • Clean up outlet hose.

  • Arrange a service person to repair if necessary.

Water overflowing from bottom of machine

  • The inlet hose is not connected firmly.

  • Drain hose has a leakage.

  • Fix the inlet hose in place securely.

  • Replace the drain hose.

Indicator or display does not light

  • Power is disconnected.

  • PC board has problems.

  • Harness has connection problem.

Check if the power is shut down and power plug is connected correctly. If not, please contact customer care.
Detergent residue in the dispenser drawerWashing powder is dampened and agglomerated.

  • Clean and wipe the drawer.

  • Use liquid detergents or detergents especially for front load washers.

Poor washing effects

  • The clothes are heavily soiled.

  • Insufficient detergent quantity.

  • Select appropriate wash program.

  • Add the proper detergent quantity according to instructions on the detergent package.

Washing machine will not start up

  • Check if the door is closed tightly.

  • Check if power plug is inserted correctly.

  • Check if water supply tap is opened.

  • Check if button “Start/Pause” is pressed.

  • Check if button “Power” is pressed.

Abnormal noises and vibrations

  • Check if the transit bolts have been removed.

  • Check if installed on solid and level floor.

  • Check if the feet of the washing machine are leveled correctly.

  • Check for hair clips or metal articles inside the drum.

Cleaning & Maintenance

Cleaning the drain pump lint filter

According to the soil level within the cycles and frequency of the cycles, you have to inspect and clean the filter regularly.

The pump should be inspected if the machine does not empty and/or spin.

The machine makes an unusual noise during draining due to objects such as safety pins, coins etc. blocking the pump.

  1. Prepare a dish or bucket to catch any excess water remaining in the drain pump. Place under drain pump before continuing.
  2. Open the service panel and unscrew the drain pump cover. Drain any water into the dish or bucket. Mop up any spillage with a rag.
  3. Remove any debris and obstructions from the drain pump filter.
  4. Replace and tighten the drain pump cover before closing the service panel.
Midea Washing Machine Clean Filter

Midea Washing Machine Clean Filter

Please check the points below after maintenance:

  • Is there any damage to the power lead?
  • Can the power plug be inserted into the power socket correctly?
  • Is the power plug and /or lead heating up?

Midea Washing Machine Manual PDF 1

Midea Washing Machine Manual PDF 2

Midea Washing Machine Manual PDF 3


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