Smeg Oven Error Codes – Problems And Their Meaning (With Fixes)

Smeg ovens offer both functionality and user-friendliness. Nevertheless, occasional malfunctions may arise, signaled by warning codes within the oven’s internal systems. These codes help users quickly grasp the issue’s nature. Understanding these error codes and seeking professional assistance when needed are essential for ensuring your Smeg oven operates efficiently and has a long lifespan.

Codes Table

  • Err1: Defective sensor detected-open or short
  • Err2: Over temperature error
  • Err3: Incorrect probe position
  • Err4: The door locking device has not properlyattached to the door. This might be because thedoor was accidentally opened during itsactivation. Switch off the oven and switch it onagain waiting a few minutes before selecting anew cleaning cycle.
  • Err5: Fan oven heating element faiulure
  • Err6: Oven fan motor error
  • Err7: Grill heating element failure
  • Err8: Tangential cooling fan error

Parts Meaning

Smeg Oven Parts
Smeg Oven Parts

Cleaning and Maintenance

  • Before cleaning, remove any dirt burnt onto the stone with the aid of a metal spatula or a scraper of the kind used for cleaning glass-ceramic hobs.
  • For best results, the stone must still be warm; otherwise, wash it in hot water;
  • Use metal mesh sponges or abrasive scotch-brite pads, dipped in lemon or vinegar.
  • Never use detergents.
  • Never wash in the dishwasher.
  • Never leave the stone to soak.
  • The damp stone must not be used for a least 8 hours after the end of the cleaning procedures.
  • Over time, slight cracks may appear on the surface of the stone. This is due to the normal expansion of the stone’s finishing glazes at high temperatures.

Control Panel

Smeg Oven Symbols Means
Smeg Oven Symbols Means


Smeg Oven Troubleshooting
Smeg Oven Troubleshooting

If the problem has not been resolved or in the case of other types of fault, contact your local technical support centre.

The oven display is completely offCheck the mains power supply. Check whether an omnipolar switch upstream of the oven supply line is in the “ON” position.
The oven does not heat upCheck whether it has been set in “showroom” mode.
The controls do not respondCheck whether it has been set in “child lock” mode.
The cooking times are longer than those indicated in the tableCheck whether it has been set in “PO” mode.
After the automatic “pyrolysis” cleaning cycle (only on some models) it is not possible to select a functionVerify whether the door locking device has switched off. If it has not, the oven has a protection device that does not allow functions to be selected while the door locking device is active. This is because the temperature inside the oven is still too high to permit any type of cooking.
If the door is opened during a fan-assisted function, the fan stopsThis is not a fault. It is a normal operation of the appliance, useful when cooking foods in order to avoid excessive heat escaping. When the door is closed, the oven will return to normal operation.

Child lock mode: By activating this mode, after two minutes of operation without any intervention from the user, the controls will automatically be locked, indicated by ‘key’ lighting up. To temporarily release the lock during cooking, hold down the temperature selection knob for 5 seconds. Two minutes after the last setting the lock will become active again.

If the symbols on touch-sensitive zones are pressed, the word “BLOC” will appear for two seconds.

Turn Off Show room mode: Activating this mode disables all the heating elements so that only the control panel works (some models also display ‘S’ ). To use the oven normally, set this mode to OFF.

Low power mode: Activating this mode limits the power used by the appliance. Po: HI; normal power. Po: LO; low power. Activating low power mode means that preheating and cooking times may be extended.


Smeg Electric Oven Operating and Installation Instructions Manual (SAP112-8) Pdf

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