Panasonic Washing Machine Error Codes

If there is an operation error or if there is a problem with the washing machine, such as faulty draining, spining etc; operation will stop, the warning buzzer will sound, and an error indication will be displayed.

Error CodesProblem
E01Door is not locked or Door is unlocked during programme
E02Lack of water
E03Pump failure
E05NTC or Heater Failure
E06Motor Failure - 1 (Tachometer open-short circuit or motor connector is disconnected)
E08Motor Failure - 2 (triac short circuit)
E10Electronic Pressure Sensor
H01Water level sensor error
H02Motor triac error
H04Load relay short error
H05The memory circuit of IC error
H12Safety switch connection error
H17Thermistor error (for X series)
H21Overflow error
U11Water can not drain
U12The lid is open
U13Spin or Air Dry is not possible
U14Water can not be supplied
U99Water has been forcibly drained
U18Pump or drain filter detected as being not secure.
H07Tacho generator signal from motor irregular or out of range.
H09Communication error between power and display electronic cards.
H18Motor thermistor sensor detected abnormal signal or out of range. Check motor connections. Replace motor.
H23Heater relay on main control PCB detected abnormal or out of range. Check electronic controller. Replace main power electronic card.
H25Motor error detected. Check wiring to main motor. Replace motor. Replace power electronic card if problem persists.
H27Door lock on the washing machine will not engage with latch in place.
H29Cooling fan detected as running slow, abnormal, short or open circuit.
H41During spoin data cannot be obtained from 3D sensor.
H43Leak detected to base of the washing machine. Check for source of the leak.
H46Abnormal signal from leak detector in base of the washing machine.
H51Overloaded motor detected. The washing machine has detected that the main drive motor is under stress for some reason.
H52Too high input voltage detected. Check mains electricity supply as this is caused by abnormal mains.
H53Too low voltage input detected. Check mains electricity supply as this is caused by abnormal mains.
H55Abnormal current detected while the main motor is rotating. Replace main drive motor.
Child Lock Activation

Child Lock Activation


Symptoms: Time indication increases or does not decrease

Points to be checked: Time indication is approximate. Remaining time is corrected during operation and displayed.

Symptoms: Operation time is longer than the time indication. Operation does not stop even after the preset time.

Points to be checked: The operation time may be longer if laundry is concentrated on one side or the water supply or drainage is not good. (Error Display “U11”, “U14”)

Symptoms: No operation

Points to be checked:

  • Power failure?
  • Is the lid closed completely?
  • Has the power fuse blown or the breaker tripped?
  • Is the power plug inserted completely?
  • Is the water faucet turned on?
  • Did you press “Start”?
  • Is the timer preset?

Symptoms: Cannot change process settings (after start-up).

Points to be checked: Process settings can be changed during wash process by pressing “Pause”. To change the program or settings after the end of wash process, turn the power off and on again.

Symptoms: No water supply

Points to be checked:

  • Is the water faucet turned on?
  • Water outage?
  • Is the water supply filter clogged with dirt?

Symptoms: Water is supplied in the middle of wash process

Points to be checked:

  • If the water level drops, water is added automatically.
  • With a large amount of laundry, water is added several times automatically.

Symptoms: The water level is too high for the amount of laundry.

Points to be checked: If laundry is wet or there is water in the tub before operation, the water level may be higher.

Symptoms: The water level is too low for the amount of laundry.

Points to be checked: With light clothes (of synthetic fibre, etc.), the water level may be lower.

Symptoms: Operation started with rinse, but water is not supplied.

Points to be checked:

  • If there is no water in the tub, water is supplied after spin.
  • If there is water in the tub, water is supplied after water discharge.

Symptoms: Operation suddenly changes to rinse process in the middle of spin. Only spin is desired, but operation starts with rinse

Points to be checked: If clothes are concentrated on one side of the tub, the washing machine automatically corrects unevenness by starting rinse process. (Place clothes as evenly as possible.)

Symptoms: Irregular rotation during spin

Points to be checked: The tub rotation speed is adjusted to reduce foaming during spin.

Symptoms: Power failure/ The breaker has tripped.

Points to be checked: Operation will resume from the point where it was stopped when the power is recovered (Auto Restart).

Symptoms: Water outage

Points to be checked: When water supply is recovered, remove the water supply hose, release turbid water from the faucet, and then start the washing machine.

Symptoms: Cannot select the Fragrance program.

Points to be checked: If Child Lock is set, the Fragrance program cannot be selected.

Cleaning the water supply filter

Cleaning the water supply filter

Cleaning the water supply filter

Clean the filter if water is not supplied properly

  1. Turn off the tap.
  2. Switch on the appliance.
  3. Select the Cotton programme, and then press the Start button.
  4. After 1 minute, switch off the appliance. Water has drained out of the water supply hose.
  5. Disconnect the water supply hose from the appliance.
  6. Clean the filter, which is on the rear of the appliance.
  7. If the unit is supplied with the hose fitted with a water supply valve, turn off the tap supplying water to the appliance, disconnect the hose from the tap and then clean the filter on the hose in the same way.
  8. Reconnect the water supply hose.
  9. Turn on the tap and then check for leaks.

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