Panda Washers and Dryers Error Codes and Troubleshooting

Panda washing machine and dryer error codes provide crucial information for users to effectively manage their devices. These codes quickly identify issues, enabling users to save time and energy by swiftly diagnosing problems.

Most Common Codes

E1: It takes over 30 minutes to fill water but cannot achieve its present water level. Check for Washer not filling properly and Water leakage.

E2: It takes over 10 minutes to drain water but can not drain the washer empty. Check for Washer will not drain water.

E3: The top lid is open. Close the lid and Press the On/Off button.

E4: The washer runs out of balance for three times. Redistribute the load.


You can solve common appliance problems easily, saving you the coast of possible service call. Try the suggestions below to see if you can solve the problem before calling the servicer.

P: Timer knob will rotate

Possible Cause: Not plugged in.

P: Dryer does not operate.

Possible Cause: The circuit breaker tripped or blown fuse.

P: Drum does not rotate

Possible Cause: Door is not closed

P: Laundry not completely dry

Possible Cause:

  • Clean the filter
  • Reduce the amount of clothing loaded in the dryer
  • Re-dry the loaded items
  • Ensure items are not knotted or bulked together
  • Dryer is not located in a well ventilated area

P: Hot air is not blowing out

Possible Cause: Is the timer incorrectly set on cold air

What to do: Set the timer to hot air

Control Panel

Panda Washing Machines and Dryer Control Panel
Panda Washing Machines and Dryers Control Panel
Panda Washer Control Panel
Control Panel


Panda Washing Machines and Dryers Installation
Panda Washing Machines and Dryers Installation

Install hoses for (For use faucet in kitchen and drain water in the sink)

  1. Remove the faucet filter or nozzle from your tap.
  2. Screw silver part of facet quick adaptor to the tap and tighten firmly. The adaptor has both female and male threads, choose one size that suits your tap.
  3. one end of inlet hose attaches to COLD connector on the back of washer, tighten with a wrench.
  4. The other end of inlet hose attaches to the silver adaptor which is already fixed on faucet.
  5. Hook the drain hose up to the sink. Make sure during washing, the drain hose must reach always at height of at least 30 inch (in the sink) to drain water out.
  6. Always choose “Cool” temperature on the control panel, but you could adjust your warm, hot, or cold water from your tap.


  1. Please directly connect the water inlet hose to Cold connector in the back of the washer
  2. Connect another end with faucet adaptor, then connect to the tap
  3. Choose the Cold Water Temperature ONLY. If choose Hot or Warm water temperature, it may cause the machine malfunction. However, you can always feel free to adjust the temperature on the tap.

Pre-Use Caution: Some small objects, such as coins or hair pin may possibly cause clogs for the drainage system. Before load clothes into the washer, please check with the pocket and remove all small objects from the pocket.

We guarantee all washers are brand new, if you find some water or watermark, it’s manufacture testing.

Key Features

  1. This washer is a space-saving design which makes your laundry easy and simple. It is perfect for Apartment, RV, Vacation Home, Dorm, and second washer for your house.
  2. Lager size 1.6cu.ft capacity allows you to fit up to 11 lbs. of cloth, electronic Touchpad controls and LED display, Delay start available, upgraded with an extra Control Lock option, regular 3 prongs 110 Voltage can be plugged anywhere, 2 built in rollers increase mobility for easy move around.
  3. Large See-through viewing lid and stainless steel tub, 3D waterfall, Pulsator generates strong and weak water flows
  4. 6 Washing Program provide flexible washing options: Normal, Quick, Heavy, Bulky, Delicate and Spin Only, Upgraded with an Extra Rinse Function
  5. 2 rear inlets for easy installation; Connect the washer directly to your faucet with the included quick connect adapter kit and hoses

Manual Pdf

Washing Machines and Dryers Manual PDF 1

Panda Washing Machines and Dryers Manual PDF 2

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