American Standard and Trane Furnace Error Codes List

Explore common error codes in American Standard and Trane furnaces with our detailed guide. Quickly identify issues and discover effective solutions for heating problems in your home.

Codes Table

Integrated Furnace Control Error Flash Codes

Flashing Slow: Normal – No call for Heat

Flashing Fast: Normal – Call for Heat

Continuous ON: Replace IFC

2 Flashes: System Lockout (Retries or Recycles exceeded)

3 Flashes: Draft Pressure Error – Possible problems: a. Venting problem b. Pressure switch problem c. Inducer problem

4 Flashes: Open Temperature Limit Circuit

5 Flashes: Flame sensed when no flame should be present

6 Flashes: 115 volt AC power reversed, poor grounding or system voltage too low

7 Flashes: Gas valve circuit error

8 Flashes: Low flame sense signal

Integrated Furnace Control Display Codes

Trane Furnace Fault Code Recovery
Trane Furnace Fault Code Recovery

E01: Loss of the IRQ or other internal failures (Internal IFC error)

E2_1: Retry Exceeded (Flame never sensed, one hour lockout after 3 times)

E2_2: Recycles Exceeded (Flame sensed then lost, one hour lockout after 10 times)

E2_3: 1st Stage Gas Valve Not Energized When It Should Be exceeded after 10 times

E3_1: Shorted Pressure Switch, 1st Stage

E3_2: Open Pressure Switch, 1st Stage

E3_3: Shorted Pressure Switch, 2nd Stage (Not applicable for S9X1/S9B1)

E3_4: Open Pressure Switch, 2nd Stage (Not applicable for S9X1/S9B1)

E04: Open Limit (Main Thermal, Rollout Switch, or Reverse Airflow Switch)

E05: Flame detected, should not be present

E6_1: Voltage reversed polarity

E6_2: Bad grounding

E7_1: 1st Gas valve (MVL) is energized when it should be off

E08: Flame current is low, but still strong enough to allow operation

E09: Open Inducer Limit Switch or Condensate Pressure Switch

E11: 1st stage gas valve not energized when it should be

E12: Open fuse

E13: Blower HP/OEM ID

E14: No PM and local copy bad

E15: Both of unit Data File in PM and local Unit Data File are corrupt

E17: Blower motor no communication response

E18: Blower communication failure on the control


A furnace is not a household appliance. It is complex and requires professional maintenance and repair. That’s why attempts at “do-it-yourself” repairs on an in-warranty unit may void the remainder of your warranty.

Other than performing the simple maintenance recommended in this manual, you should not attempt to make any adjustments to your furnace. Your dealer will be able to take care of any questions or problems you may have. A periodic inspection of your furnace should be made by a qualified service agency at the start of each heating season.

Trouble: No Heating – Blower Does not operate


  1. Thermostat set incorrectly. Adjust thermostat.
  2. Blown fuse or tripped circuit breaker. Replace or reset protective device or call for servicer.
  3. Defective component. Most controls are automatic and will recycle. If your unit still does not operate call for servicer.
  4. Burner does not ignite.
  5. Main gas line turned off. Have gas company check.
  6. Blower door removed or ajar. Close door securely to restore power
    to blower and gas valve.
  7. Lockout. Turn power on-off-on-off twice in 30 seconds.

Trouble: Insufficient Heating – Blower operates continuously.


  1. Dirty air filters. Clean or replace filters.
  2. Blocked supply or return registers. Make sure registers are open and No obstacles blocking off the air.

Trouble: No Heat – Vent motor is running

Solutions: Restricted or plugged furnace condensate drain.

  1. Remove drain clamps to condensate trap and drain pan outlet.
  2. Flush or clean drain blockage.
  3. Reinstall clamps.

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Upflow, Convertible to Horizontal Right or Horizontal Left, and Downflow S9X1, S9X2, S9B1 Installer’s Guide

Installation, Operation and Maintenance Guide

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