Amica Dishwasher Error Codes (Quick Solutions)

Amica dishwasher error codes are vital pieces of information used to identify issues with this appliance and assist users in troubleshooting. Whenever any problem affecting the dishwasher’s functionality arises, these codes can help technicians or users pinpoint the root cause. In this article, we will explore the meanings of Amica dishwasher error codes and how you can diagnose common problems. We will also discuss the kinds of maintenance or repairs these codes might necessitate.

Codes Table

Error CodesSolution
E1Water supply timeout. • Closed water valve. • Clogged water pipe • Water pressure too low • If error persists contact customer service.
E4Overflow. • Water level too high • If error persists contact customer service.
The Rapid light flicker fleetlyLonger inlet time. Faucets is not opened, or water intake is restricted,or water pressure is too low.
The Glass light flicker fleetlyOverflow. Some element of dishwasher leaks.

Flashing Lights

Amica Dishwasher Flashing Lights

If one of program monitor lights is on and start/Pause light is on and off,

Your machine’s door is open, shut the door.

If the programme won’t start

  • Check if the plug is connected.
  • Check your indoor fuses.
  • Be sure that the water inlet tap is turned on.
  • Be sure that you have closed the machine door.
  • Be sure that you switched off the machine by pressing the Power On / Off button.
  • Be sure that the water inlet filter and the machine filters are not clogged.

If the lamps “Wash/Dry” and “End” keep flashing

  • Water overflow alarm is active
  • Turn off your tap and contact an authorised service.

If the control lamps won’t go out after a wash operation

The Power On/Off button is released yet.

If detergent residues are left in the detergent compartment

Detergent has been added when the detergent compartment was wet.

If water is left inside the machine at the end of the programme

  • The water drain hose is clogged or twisted.
  • The filters are clogged.
  • The programme is not finished yet.

If the machine stops during a wash operation

  • Power failure.
  • Water inlet failure.
  • Program can be on standby mode.


Amica Dishwasher Troubleshooting
Amica Dishwasher Troubleshooting
ProblemPossible Causes
Dishwasher doesn't startFuse blown, or the circuit breaker acted
Power supply is not turned on
Water pressure is low
Door of dishwasher not properly closed.
Water not pumped form dishwasherKink in drain hose
Filter clogged
Kitchen sink clogged
Suds in the tubImproper detergent
Spilled rinse-aid
Stained tub interiorDetergent with colourant was used. Make sure that the detergent is the one without colourant.
White film on inside surfaceHard water minerals. To clean the interior, use a damp sponge with dishwasher detergent and wear rubber gloves. Never use any other cleaner than dishwasher detergent for the risk of foaming or suds.
There are rust stains on cutleryThe affected items are not corrosion resistant.
A programme was not run after dishwasher salt was added. Traces of salt have gotten into the wash cycle.
The lid of the softer is loose. Check the lip .Ensure the fix is fine.
Knocking noise inthe wash cabinetA sp ay arm is knocking against an item in a basket. Interrupt the programme, and rearrange the items which are obstructing the sp ay arm.
Rattling noise in the wash cabinetItems of crockery are loose in the wash cabinet. Interrupt the programme, and rearrange the items of crockery.
Knocking noise in the water pipesThis may be caused by on-site installation or the cross-section of the piping. This has no influence on the dishwasher function. if in doubt, contact a suitably qualified plumber.

Control Panel and Parts

Amica Dishwasher Control Panel And Parts
Amica Dishwasher Control Panel And Parts

Manual Pdf

Amica Dishwasher Manual PDF

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