[Fixed] Comfee Dishwasher Error Codes List

Comfee dishwasher error codes serve as a valuable guide for users. They allow for the swift identification of issues with the machine. Detecting malfunctions can extend the appliance’s longevity and reduce repair expenses. In this article, we will provide an in-depth exploration of Comfee dishwasher error codes.

Codes Table

Error CodesMeanings and Possible Causes
E1Longer inlet time. A flow meter, drain valve, or pump failure, it should be repaired by a qualified worker.
E2Not dranining. Drain pipe is hung too high. Install the drain-pipe as instructed or Drain valve is blocked. Unclog the drain valve.
E3Not reaching required temperature. Heating tube or thermistor anomaly,it should be repaired by a qualified worker.
E4Overflow. Some element of dishwasher leaks.
E6Thermostat open circuit. It should be repaired by a qualified worker.
E7Thermostat short circuit. It should be repaired by a qualified worker.
EdCommunication error. It should be repaired by a qualified worker.

Control Panel

Comfee Dishwasher Control Panel
Comfee Dishwasher Control Panel


Dishwasher beeps at the end of the cycleIt indicates the wash cycle finished, the dishwasher will beep
Rinse Aid light onThe rinse aid level is low. Add rinse aid.
Dishwasher won’t startDoor may not be closed properly. Shut the door completely make sure it is latched.
Dishwasher operates too longThe dishwasher is connected to cold water. Check the dishwasher,make sure it connected to the hot water supply.
Dishes are not clean enoughWater pressure is temporarily low. Use you dishwasher when the water pressure is normal.
Dishes not drying enoughRinse Aid dispenser is empty. Fill rinse aid dispenser or increase the amount of rinse aid.
Spots and filming on dishesWater hardness is too high. For extremely hard water install a water softener.
EtchingUsing too much detergent. Use less detergent if you have soft water.
Detergent left in dispenser cupDetergent may be too old. Use fresh detergent.
Detergent dispenser will not shutImproper operation of the detergent cover. Add the detergent and rinse aid as indicated indicated by the manual.
Water remains in the dishwasherSelect the proper cycle as indicated by the manual
Dishwasher does not drain properlyDrain is clogged. Check the air gap if you have make sure the disposer is empty if the dishwasher is connected to the disposer.
Suds in the tubImproper detergent is used. Make sure to use only the automatic dishwasher detergent.
Black or gray marks on dishesAluminum utensils have rubbed against dishes. Chose a higher cycle make sure the inlet water is no less than 120 F
NoisesDetergent cup opening\Drain pump sound. This is normal
Dishwasher won’t fillWater valve is turn off. Check if the water valve is turn on.

Parts Meaning

Comfee Dishwasher Parts
Comfee Dishwasher Parts

Clean the Fine Filter

Comfee Dishwasher Clean Filter
Comfee Dishwasher Clean Filter

Take out the Cylinder Filter and remove the Fine Filter from the dishwasher tub bottom. To remove the Fine Filter you must first remove the bottom spray arm as shown below. Flush the Fine Filter by holding it under running water and replace.

Manual Pdf

User Manual Comfee KWH-TD305-W Mini Plus Dishwasher

Comfee Dishwasher Use and Care Manual CS14EFSBK1RCM

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