Daewoo Refrigerator Error Codes (Simple Solutions)

Below is a list of some of the possible malfunctions. To help you out we have listed down some of the most common error codes for Daewoo Refrigerator. The below are common fault diagnosis and elimination methods. For other faults, please contact customer service. Do not forget to write to us the fault codes that you cannot find.

Fault Table

Error CodesCause
F1F-Sensor Disconnection, Short Circuit. At Temperature Display, a Disconnection is shown as “Lo” , Short Circuit “Hi”.
r1R-Sensor Disconnection, Short Circuit. At Temperature Display, a Disconnection is shown as “Lo” , Short Circuit “Hi”.
rtRT-Sensor Disconnection, Short Circuit. At Temperature Display, a Disconnection is shown as “Lo” , Short Circuit “Hi”.
d1D-Sensor Disconnection, Short Circuit. At Temperature Display, a Disconnection is shown as “Lo” , Short Circuit “Hi”.
HSHumidity Sensor Disconnection, Short Circuit. At Temperature Display, a Disconnection is shown as “Lo” , Short Circuit “Hi”.
drWhen R-Door Open is detected for one hr. or longer
dFWhen F-Door Open is detected for one hr. or longer
dHWhen home-bar Door Open is detected for one hr. or longer
C1When Comp has run 3 hr. or longer as D Sensor detects -5℃ or higher
EPAt a EEPROM Read/Write Error
D2At A/S forced Mode ( ΞΞ d2 displayed)
CEFor the Front, no Data from RX for 30 sec.
cEFor the Main, no Data from RX for 30 sec.
d3At Power consuming forced defrosting
F3When returning from defrosting by the time limit of 50 min. due to D Sensor
EiAt I-Sensor Disconnection / Short Circuit
EgWhen I-Sensor Temperature does not go up to a certain point after a water supply
E1D Sensor Open
E2D Sensor Short
F1F Sensor Open
F2F Sensor Short
F3Defect in defrosting
F4Defect in S/W
F5Defect in compressor
  1. Starting: At a “Locked” state, press “Lock Setup” 5 times while “Freezer” Button is pressed.
  2. Display: The Code for the Error is Displayed using 88 Segment.
  3. Cancellation: Press “Lock Function” once.
  4. Automatic cancellation: In 4 min. after the starting, it is automatically cancelled.
  5. All Error Codes will reset, when it turns to normal state.
  6. Error Code Display

How to Read Sensor Temperature?

How to Read Sensor Temperature
How to Read Sensor Temperature

Start: Press “Freezer” Button at “Locked” state and touch “Lock Setup” Button 5 times.

Cancellation: Touch “Lock Function” Button once Or automatically cancelled 4 min. after starting.

As Error Display Mode starts, the refrigerator operation time is displayed. Following are displayed in that order for every “Freezer” Key pressing.

  1. Refrigerator Operation Time Display
  2. F-Sensor Temperature Display
  3. D-Sensor Temperature Display
  4. R-Sensor Temperature Display
  5. RT (Surrounding Temperature)-Sensor Temperature Display
  6. Water-supplying Time at the Water-supply mode
  7. Humidity Sensor Temperature Display
  8. F1(F-Sensor Disconnection/Short Circuit)
  9. r1 (R-Sensor Disconnection/Short Circuit)
  10. rt (RT-Sensor Disconnection/Short Circuit)
  11. d1 (D-Sensor Disconnection/Short Circuit)
  12. dr (R-Door Switch Bad)
  13. dF (F-Door Switch Bad)
  14. dH (Home bar Door Switch Bad)
  15. C1 (Condenser Cycle Abnormal)
  16. EP (EEPROM Abnormal)
  17. d2 (Ξ Ξ d2 Display, A/S Forced Defrosting Mode Display)
  18. Co (Short Circuit Mode Display)
  19. H5 (Humidity Sensor Disconnection/Short Circuit)
Daewoo Refrigerator Wiring Diagram
Daewoo Refrigerator Wiring Diagram


Case: Front and side of refrigerator feels warm or hot.

Explanation: Pipes (refrigerant vessel) are placed beneath the surface to prevent moisture forming on it.

Case: Doors do not open easily

Explanation: When you close the door and then open again immediately, the door is not easy to open. Warm air rushes into the inside to create the pressure difference. In this case wait for a minute, then it will open easily.

Case: It sounds like water is flowing from the refrigerator.


  • When the compressor starts to run or stops, refrigerant which makes the inside cold flowing in the pipes can make such a sound.
  • Defrosted water can also make such a sound. (This refrigerator adopts an automatic defrosting system.)

Case: Cracking or clicking sounds

Explanation: Inside parts shrink and/or expand due to temperature change. When the inside gets cold or when the door is open, such sounds can be made.

Case: Humming or buzzing sounds.

Explanation: Compressor or fans for cold air circulation can make such working sound. (If the refrigerator is not level, the sound can be louder.)

Case: Dew or frost on the wall and/or food container surface in the freezer and refrigerator compartment.

Explanation: Frost and/or dew can be made in the following cases;

  • High temperature and/or high humidity around the refrigerator.
  • When doors are open too long.
  • Foods with much moisture are stored uncovered or unwrapped.

Case: Dew on the cabinet surface.

Explanation: If it is highly humid around the refrigerator, moisture in the air sticks to the surface to form dew.

Is there a reset button on a Daewoo fridge freezer?

Instructions Press the "Filter Reset" button on the lower left of the control console and hold it until the filter light turns green, if your Daewoo has a "Filter Reset" button Find the “Ice Maker Lock” button on the lower right-side corner of the control panel, if your model does not have the "Filter Reset" button.


Daewoo Refrigerator Manual PDF

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