Franke Oven Error Codes List and Fixes

You shouldn’t have any issues with your Franke Appliance, however there are some problems which can easily be fixed by error codes the table below. Whenever a failure is detected, a failure signal sounds and the display reads the belonging error code.

At multiple errors, the display priority is as follows: F3E3, F3E0, F4E0. The error message is automatically cleared when the failure is repaired. For EEPROM failure, the control has to be reset first, for all other failures this can happen during program run. At every failure, oven heating relay 1 is switched off.

Codes List

Error CodesSolutions
F3E3Temp. sensor short circuit
F3E0Temp. sensor open circuit
F4E0EEPROM failure
FSoftware problem. Contact you nearest After-sales Service Centre and state the letter or number that follows the letter “F”
0:00Power has been cut since last use, and the clock has been reset.

Control Panel

Franke Oven Control Panel Meaning
Franke Oven Control Panel Meaning

Child Lock Function

This oven comes fitted with a child lock feature for the protection of young children. To activate hold: ‘start’ and ‘stop/pause’ simultaneously for 3 seconds. This will illuminate the ‘lock’ icon. To deactivate hold: ‘start’ and ‘stop/pause’ simultaneously for 3 seconds. This will release the child lock, and the ‘lock’ icon will not be shown.

Cleaning And Maintenance

The oven light must have these precise features:

  1. It must be able to resist high temperatures (up to 300° C)
  2. Power supply: see V/Hz indicated on data plate
  3. Power 25 W
  4. E14 connection

Before proceeding, disconnect the appliance from the main electricity supply.

  1. To prevent damage, place a tea cloth in the oven.
  2. Unscrew the glass cover of the light.
  3. Unscrew the old light bulb and replace it with the new one.
  4. Put back the glass cover and remove the tea cloth.
  5. Connect the appliance to the main electricity supply.

The oven’s data plate is accessible even with the oven fully installed. The plate is visible simply by opening the door. Always quote the details from it to identify the appliance when ordering spare parts.

Oven Functions

Franke Oven Functions
Franke Oven Functions


In the event that your oven requires technical assistance and/or spare parts, contact the nearest authorised dealer or service centre.

ProblemCause and Remedy
The appliance does not turn onCheck the circuit breaker or fuse box. Check to see if any other appliances are working.
The appliance door cannot be openedThe oven is completing its self cleaning pyrolytic function. Wait until this is completed and the oven cools down.
The rotary knob can no longer be turned easilyThere is dirt under the rotary selector. Press on the outer edge of the knob so that you can clean the opposite end.
Pyrolytic function not startingThe appliance door is open. Please close the door and try again.
Buttons not respondingClean the control panel with hot soapy water, and ensure that hands are clean when operating buttons.
Screen is blankThe oven either has had its power cut off, or is in energy saving mode. Press any button to exit power save mode.

If the problems persist despite observing the advice above, call an authorized service technician. Repair or any warranty claim resulting from incorrect connection or use of the appliance shall not be covered by the warranty. In this case, the user will cover the cost of repair. Before the repair, disconnect the appliance from the power mains (by removing the fuse or by removing the plug from the wall outlet).

Manuals Pdf

Franke Oven Manual PDF – FSM 97 P XS

Franke Compact Combi Steam Oven – FSO 45 FS Manual PDF

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