Hotpoint Washing Machine Error Codes

Error CodesProblem
F01Circuit board fault. This usually happens when you cannot select one or more functions
F02Motor fault. A good indicator of a motor fault would be if the drum is not rotating during a washing cycle
F03Temperature sensor fault. A temperature sensor fault could be due to the heating element not coming on.
F04Blockage or pump issue. In most cases of a blockage or pump problem, the door will not open or, if it can be opened, you’ll see some water inside the drum.
F06Door lock problem. If the door won’t open it could be a problem with the door lock mechanism.
F07Circuit board and/or heating element fault. A common sign of this would be the machine stopping mid way through its cycle, not heating the water, and the pump sometimes running continuously.
F08Heating element fault. A common sign of this would be the machine stopping mid way through its cycle, not heating the water, and the pump sometimes running continuously.
F09Software error. Usually indicated by multiple flashing lights on the washing machine.
F11Pump fault. Signs include water remaining in the machine and/or not pumping out.
F12Control error. The machine will not turn on if you have a control error fault.
F13Temperature sensor fault. Your Hotpoint washing machine and dryer won’t dry clothes properly or at all if it has a temperature sensor fault.
F15Heater fault. A heater fault for washing machines and washer dryers indicates that the machine isn’t heating or drying clothes.
F16Drum lock sensor fault. This error code means that the sensor controlling the position the drum stops in is not operating properly.
F18Data error. The display and/or functions may not work properly.
F19Fan motor or heating element error. Machine will not dry properly or at all
Hotpoint Washing Machine
Hotpoint Washing Machine

DOOR LOCKED indicator light:

The lit symbol indicates that the door is locked. To prevent any damage, wait until the symbol turns off before opening the door (wait approximately 3 minutes). To open the door while a cycle is in progress, press the START/PAUSE button; if the DOOR LOCKED symbol is switched off the door may be opened (wait approximately 3 minutes).


Your washing machine could occasionally fail to work. Before contacting the Technical Assistance Service (see “ Service”), make sure that the problem cannot be solved easily using the following list.

Problem: The machine does not switch on.

Possible causes / Solutions:

  • The appliance is not plugged into the socket fully, or not enough to make contact.
  • There is no power to the socket, or the fuse has blown in the mains plug.

Problem: The wash cycle does not start.

Possible causes / Solutions:

  • The door is not closed properly.
  • The ON/OFF button has not been pressed.
  • The START/PAUSE button has not been pressed.
  • The water tap has not been turned on to allow water to flow into the machine.
  • A delayed start has been set.

Problem: The machine does not fill with water or ‘H20’ flashes in the display

Possible causes / Solutions:

  • The water inlet hose is kinked.
  • The water inlet hose is not connected to the water supply.
  • The water pressure is too low.
  • The water tap has not been turned on to allow water to flow into the machine.
  • There is no water supply to the house.
  • The inlet valve filter is blocked.
  • The START/PAUSE button has not been pressed.

Problem: The machine continuously fills with water and continually drains away or Water left in the drum or Stuck on wash.

Possible causes / Solutions:

  • The top of the drain hose is too low – It must be fitted at a height between 65 and 100 cm from the floor (see “Installation”).
  • The drain hose is connected incorrectly to the sink trap allowing water to run into the machine, the drain hose must be positioned higher than the bottom of the sink to prevent water flowing down the drain hose.
  • The end of the drain hose has been pushed too far down the standpipe, the ‘U’ bracket should be fitted 100 mm from the end of the drain hose.
Hotpoint Washing Machine Error Codes – How to fix it?

Problem: The machine does not drain or spin – (error lights flashing).

Possible causes / Solutions:

  • The Pump filter is blocked.
  • The drain hose is kinked (see “Installation”).
  • New Installation – The blanking cap or spigot has not been removed if connected under a sink.
  • The drain hose or sink trap is blocked.

Problem: The machine does spin.

Possible causes / Solutions: The Spin Speed is set to “OFF”

Problem: The programme takes too long.

Possible causes / Solutions: Programme times will vary due to water pressure, the incoming water temperature and if the wash load goes out of balance. This will increase the programme times accordingly (see ‘ The machine wont spin properly’ below).

Problem: The Display sticks at one ‘time to end’ for more than 1 Minute or the Display changes the estimated ‘Time to End’ during the programme.

Possible causes / Solutions: The display time is for guidance only – it is not a precise time to finish and may vary.

Problem: The machine vibrates a lot during the spin cycle.

Possible causes / Solutions:

  • The feet have not been adjusted, enabling the machine to rock.
  • New Installation – Either the Transit Bolts including the plastic spacers, or the
  • Polystyrene Packaging have not been removed when installing the machine.
  • The machine is trapped between cabinets and/or walls.
  • The load is in a slight out of balance condition and machine is spinning, but at a lower speed.

Problem: The machine is noisy.

Possible causes / Solutions: There will always be some motor, pump and drum noise during spin

Problem: The machine wont spin properly.

Possible causes / Solutions: Out of Balance detected when attempting to go into a spin cycle – If this happens the machine will continue to try to repeat the distribution of the load required before the machine will go into higher spin speeds – This will increase the programme time accordingly. This is a safety feature to prevent damage. Out of Balance can be caused by washing a single heavy item (eg duvet, quilt, etc). – Try the programme again using a different load

Problem: The machine leaks from the dispenser.

Possible causes / Solutions:

  • The dispenser drawer is blocked with detergent and requires cleaning.
  • The water pressure is too high and requires turning down – turn down the tap on the water supply pipe slightly and try again.
  • The machine is tilting forwards – It must be level when in its final position.

Problem: The machine leaks (other than dispenser).

Possible causes / Solutions:

  • The fill hose is loose, check both the cabinet and tap ends.
  • The fill hose is tight but still leaks, if so replace the rubber washers, or the fill hose is missing the rubber washer.
  • The drain hose is not fixed in properly.

Problem: The option lights and the START/ PAUSE indicator light are flash rapidly and an error code appears on the display (eg F-01, F-..).

Possible causes / Solutions: Switch off the machine and unplug it, wait for approximately 1 minute and then switch back on again. If the problem persists contact Technical Assistance Centre.

Problem: The machine smells

Possible causes / Solutions: The machine requires a service wash. Run a “Auto Clean” wash cycle with detergent and no laundry.

Problem: The machine door cannot be opened.

Possible causes / Solutions:

  • The door will not open until the door lock indicator light goes out shortly after the program has finished.
  • If there is no power to the machine you need to perform the manual unlocking procedure.

Problem: Door Seal damaged at the bottom.

Possible causes / Solutions: The door seal has drainage holes at the bottom – This is normal.

Problem: The water level is too low when the machine is washing.

Possible causes / Solutions: The water level is correct if it can be seen at the bottom of the door.

Problem: There is too much foam.

Possible causes / Solutions:

  • The detergent is not suitable for machine washing (it should display the text ‘for washing machines’ or ‘hand and machine wash’ or the like).
  • Too much detergent was used – less detergent is required in soft water

Problem: After completing the programme, or before starting a programme, the machine has turned itself off (no lights).

Possible causes / Solutions: To comply with new energy saving regulations the machine is fitted with an automatic standby system. Press ‘ON/OFF’ button for 3 seconds to activate the machine, it can then either be switched off or a new programme selected.

Problem: General.

Possible causes / Solutions: Your washing machine contains sensors that monitor progress during the wash cycle (eg: Water Levels, Temperatures, Out of Balance loads, Wash time/progress). Normally, if your machine successfully completes the cycle, there is unlikely to be anything wrong!

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