Hoover Oven Error Codes

Error CodesSolution
ER01Faulty communication between PCBs
ER02Faulty programme selector switch
ER03Faulty programme selector switch
ER04NTC Temp sensor on mother board open circuit
ER05NTC Temp sensor on mother board short circuit
ER06Temperature on mother board exceeded 85C
ER07NTC food temp probe short circuit
ER08NTC food temp probe open circuit
ER09NTC food temp probe exceeded 85c
ER10NTC oven probe open circuit
ER11NTC oven probe short circuit
ER12Oven case temp exceeded 300C
ER13Preset temp of cooking was not reached within 105 minutes
ER14Mechanical timer open circuit
ER15Door sensing switch open circuit
ER16NTC temp probe on display board open circuit
ER17NTC temp probe on display board short circuit
ER18Display board temp exceeded 75C
ER19Severe malfunction of EPROM on mother board
ER20Software error on cooking recipe file
STOPSome Hoover ovens have a child safety lock feature, depending on the specification. This is a safety lock to prevent children from switching on the oven and burning themselves when it gets hot. If this is active then the oven will not switch on and a lock symbol will be flashing. Child Lock function is deactivated by touching touchpad Set (+) again for a minimum of 5 seconds until the Child Lock symbol switches off. From this moment on all functions are selectable again.
Hoover Oven Control Panel

Hoover Oven Control Panel

Hoover Oven Control Panel-2

Hoover Oven Control Panel-2


PROBLEM: The oven does not heat up

POSSIBLE CAUSE: The clock is not set

SOLUTION: Set the clock

PROBLEM: The oven does not heat up

POSSIBLE CAUSE: The child lock is on

SOLUTION: Deactivate the child lock

PROBLEM: The oven does not heat up

POSSIBLE CAUSE: A cooking function and temperature has not been set

SOLUTION: Ensure that the necessary settings are correct

PROBLEM: No reaction of the touch user interface

POSSIBLE CAUSE: Steam and condensation on the user interface panel

SOLUTION: Clean with a microfiber cloth the user interface panel to remove the condensation layer

Steam Cleaning

Hoover Oven Steam Cleaning

Hoover Oven Steam Cleaning

This procedure uses steam to help remove remaining fat and food particles from the oven.

  1. Pour 300 ml of water into the bottom of the oven.
  2. Set the oven function to Static or Bottom heater.
  3. Set the temperature at 90°C.
  4. Allow the program to operate for 30 minutes.
  5. After 30 minutes switch off the program and allow the oven to cool down.
  6. When the appliance is cool, clean the inner surfaces ofthe oven with a cloth.

Warning: Make sure that the appliance is cool before you touch it. Care must be taken with all hot surfaces as there is a risk of burns. Use distilled or drinkable water.


  1. Unscrewthe bolt in an anti—clockwise direction.
  2. Removethesideracks by pullingthemtowardsyou.
  3. Clean the side racks in a dishwasher orwith a wetsponge and then drythem immediately.
  4. Having cleaned the side racks, put them back in and reinsert the bolts, ensuring that they are fully tightened.
Removal and cleaning Of the side Racks

Removal and cleaning Of the side Racks


  1. Open the frontwindow.
  2. Open the clamps ofthe hinge housing on the right and left side ofthe front window by pushing them downwards.
  3. Replace the window by carryingoutthe procedure in reverse.


  1. Disconnectthe oven from the mains supply.
  2. Undothe glass cover, unscrewthe bulb and replace itwith a new bulbofthe same type.
  3. Once the defective bulb is replaced, replacethe glass cover.




Hoover Oven Manual PDF

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