IFB Refrigerator Error Codes – Causes and How to Easily Fix Them

IFB refrigerator error codes provide essential insights for users. These codes assist in optimizing the appliance’s performance. Understanding these codes to identify issues swiftly is crucial. In this article, we will discuss ifb refrigerator error codes and guide you on how to address them effectively.

Codes Table

Error CodesProblem-Solution
SRFallure warning. There Islare some part(s) out of order or a failure in the cooling process.
LFFreezer compartment not cold enough. This warning code will appear especially after a long power outage. Do not freeze food and use shorttly, set the freezer temperature colder or activate Super Freeze mode until freezer cools to a normal temperature, do not store fresh food in it until the error is resolved.
LCIdeal temperature for refrigerator compartment is +4 C, ıf you see this warning stored food is at risk of spoiling. Set ref. temperature colder or activate Super Cool until the ref. cools to a normal temperature, do not open the door often until this error is resolved.
LF and LCNot cold enough. A combination of LF and LC errors. This warning appears when the refrigerator is first started, it will dissappear after compartment cools to a normal temperature.
HCRefrigerator compartment too cold. The foods starts to freeze because the temperature is too cold. Check whether Super Cool is activated, decrease the refrigerator's temperature settings.
LOPOLow voltage warning. When power supply drops below 170V, refrigerator enters a steadying position. This is not a failure, it prevents any damage to the compressor and warning will disappear after the voltage reaches the requisite level.

Warnings and Checks

IFB Refrigerator Warnings and Checks
IFB Refrigerator Warnings and Checks
  • If your refrigerator does not operate

Is there a power failure?

Is the plug connected to the socket correctly?

Is the fuse of the socket or the maln fuse blown?

Is there any failure in the socket? To check plug refrigerator into a socket that you know is operating for sure.

  • If your refrigerator is operating noisily

Crackling Noise (like ice cracking)

Heard during the automatic defrosting process.

Once the device has been cooled or heated.

Short Cracking Noise

Heard when the thermostat turns the compressor ON and then OFF again.

Compressor Noise

It is the normal sound of the compressor. This sound indicates the compressor is operating normally. As the compressor is initiated, it may operate a bit more noisily than usual for a short period of time.

Bubbling and Gurgling Sound

This noise ls emitted as the coolant fluid flows through the pipes of the system.

Sound of Water Flowing

This is the normal sound of water flowing into the evaporation container during the defrosting process. This sound may be heard during the defrosting process.

Air Blowing Sound

It is the normal fan sound. This sound may be heard due to air circulation in frost free refrigerators as the system is operation normally.

  • If the edges of the refrigerator in contact with the door seal are hot

Especially in summer months (in hot environments). the surface area on the refrigerator contacted by the seal may be hot. This is normal.

  • If there is humidification in the inner parts of your refrigerator

Has the food been properly packaged? Have the cups been dried properly before they were put into the refrlgerator?

Are the doors of the refrigerator opened frequently? When the door is opened, the humidity in the air enters the refrigerator. The more frequently the door is opened. the faster will humidification occur, especially if the humidity rate in the room is high.

  • If the doors are not properly opened or close

Are food packages preventing the doors from being closed?

Have the door compartments, shelves and drawers been properly placed?

Have the door seals torn or become defective?

Is your refrigerator standing on even ground?

  • If dripping occur

Check that the water dispenser tap is assembled properly.

Check that the tap gaskets are assembled properly.

  • Water Dispenser checks

If the water flow is abnormal

Check that the tank is installed properly.

Check that the tank gaskets are assembled properly.


  • The compressor protection function will activate after sudden a power failure or after unplugging the refrigerator, because the gas in the cooling system is not stabilised yet. Your refrigerator will start 5 minutes later. There is nothing to worry about.
  • If you intend to not use your refrigerator for a long time (eg In the summer holidays). unplug it. Clean your refrigerator and leave its door open to prevent humidity and odours.
  • If the problem persists after you have followed all the instructions above. please consult the nearest IFB Care.

Manual Pdf

IFB Refrigerator Manual PDF

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