Siemens Thermostat Error Codes List and Fixes

Siemens thermostat error codes indicate issues affecting the device’s performance. Each code represents a specific type of malfunction, emphasizing the importance of accurate identification. These error codes serve as a guide for users to swiftly identify and address problems.

Codes List

Priorities are assigned to pending errors. From priority 5, alarm messages are delivered, which are used by remote supervision (OCI). From priority 6 the alarm relay will be set.

Basically only mistakes and servicing announcements are listed, which treats in this document . Mistakes can be also brought on LPB by other devices to the announc, wich here are not listed. This can be defined with the setting Announcement of system announcements BZ 6610.

Error CodesMeaning
0No error
10Outside sensor
30Flow sensor 1
32Flow sensor 2
38Flow sensor primary controller
50DHW sensor 1
52DHW sensor 2
57DHW circulation sensor
60Room sensor 1
65Room sensor 2
68Room sensor P
73Collector sensor 1
74Collector temperature 2 sensor error
81LPB short-circuit/comm
82LPB address collision
83BSB short-circuit
84BSB address collision
85Radio communication
98extension module 1
99extension module 2
1002 clock time masters
102Clock reserve missing
105Service message
117Water pressure too high
118Water pressure too low
120flow alarm
121Flow temperature HC1
122Flow temperature HC2
126DHW charging temperature
127Legionella temperature
140inadmissible bus address or plant type
146Sensor/controlling element config
171Alarm contact 1 active
172Alarm contact 2 active
176Water pressure 2 too high
177Water pressure 2 too low
178Limit thermostat HC1
179Limit thermostat HC2

Displays Meaning

Siemens Thermostat Possible Displays
Siemens Thermostat Possible Displays

Changing the room temperature

The room temperature setpoint can be adjusted with the rotary knob when Comfort mode is active.

Turn the rotary knob clockwise (+) to increase, or counterclockwise (-) to decrease the current room temperature setpoint for Comfort mode.

The setting range is from 5…40 °C (41 … 104 °F), unless limited by parameters P09 and P10 (for parameter settings, see reverse side).

Adjusting the fan speed

Press the fan mode button until the desired fan mode is reached

In Automatic mode , the fan speed is automatically selected by the thermostat depending on the setpoint and the actual room temperature. When the room temperature reaches the setpoint, the fan stops (factory setting) or runs at low speed.

In Manual mode, the fan operates independently and always runs at the same speed: Low / medium / high.

If desired, you can change the fan mode selector option via P03: Manually only, or manually including Protection mode. Use P15 to set the fan speed in dead zone.

Selecting Comfort mode

Press the operating mode button until symbol appears, indicating that Comfort mode is selected.

In Comfort mode, the thermostat maintains the setpoint which can be readjusted with the rotary knob.

Button lock

To lock or unlock the buttons manually, press and hold the fan mode button for 3 seconds. The buttons are locked or unlocked in this manner if P14 is set to 2.

If P14 is set to 1, the thermostat automatically locks the buttons 10 seconds after the last adjustment.

Button Functions

Siemens Thermostat Room operating modes
Siemens Thermostat Room Operating Modes
Siemens Thermostat Central apartment unit button functions
Siemens Thermostat Central Apartment Unit Button Functions

Manual Pdf

RDF Model Operating Instructions Manual PDF

RDG100, RDG100T, RDG110, RDG110U, RDG160T, RDG160TU Model Operating Instructions Manual PDF

RDU341 Model Operating Instructions Manual PDF

RDG Model Operating Instructions Manual PDF

RDG100T – RDG160T – RDG160TU Operating Instructions Manual PDF

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