Siemens Washing Machine Error Codes – How To Fix [With Pdf]

Siemens is currently listed as the largest industrial manufacturer in Europe, offering the East and west a taste of what they have to offer. Working on offering some of the best appliances there are in the market, they offer customers a chance to enjoy effective and efficient working daily.

Siemens washing machines were once a basic choice that now offers you all the services in a single machine. Offering you everything from semi-automatic to fully automatic appliances so you can easily choose one that offers you the perfect service required based on your personal choices.

Siemens has made a name for itself in the world as one of the best appliance manufacturers and sellers around the world. Making it a great choice for anyone looking for a reliable and trusted brand appliance. That being said, every piece of technology is prone to errors so when you see an error code on your Siemens washing machine simply note it down and match it using the error codes guide below.

Error codesCause
F01The door of the loading hatch is not closed
F02Water is not supplied
F03Problems with draining the water
F04Water leakage occurred
F16The hatch door is not closed
F17Time of water intake exceeded
F18Water drain time exceeded
F19Water heating time exceeded
F20Unexpected heating
F21Control system malfunction
F22NTC sensor fault
F23Aquastop activated
F25Malfunction of the Aqua sensor
F26Analog pressure sensor malfunction
F27Error setting pressure sensor
F28Flow sensor malfunction
F29No water flow in the flow sensor detected
F31Maximum water level exceeded
F34The door lock does not close
F36The lock system is fault
F37Faulty NTC (temperature sensor)
F38Fault NTC
F40Synchronization error
F42Uncontrolled high engine speed
F43Critical error
F44No reverse rotation occurs
F593D Sensor
F60Flow sensor, too high or too low
F61Wrong door signal
F63Functional protection problem
F67Card encoding error
E02Motor problem
E67Incorrect module encoding
Siemens Washing Machine Control Panel
Siemens Washing Machine Control Panel

Fault Displays

Text in display field: ”Water tap closed?”

Possible cause:

  1. Water tap not turned on.
  2. Supply hose kinked or trapped.
  3. Strainer in supply hose clogged.
  4. Water pressure too low.


    1. Turn on water tap. Programme continues.
    2. Eliminate the cause.
    3. Clean the filter.
    4. Eliminate the cause.

Text in display field: ”Pump blocked?”

Possible cause:

  1. Loose debris is blocking the pump.
  2. The water drainage pipe and/or drain hose is blocked.


  1. Clean the pump,
  2. Clean the water drainage pipe and/or drain hose.

Text in display field: ”Aqua—Stop activated” 

Possible cause: Water in the base pan; appliance leaking.

Cleaning the drain pump

Siemens Washing Machine Cleaning the drain pump
Siemens Washing Machine Cleaning the drain pump

This is necessary if the washing solution has not been completely drained. The pump is blocked by either loose debris or fluff which accumulates if fluff-giving fabrics are washed.

Allow the hot washing solution to cool. Keep Children and pets away.

  1. Turn the programme selector to ”Off”.
  2. Open service flap.
  3. Remove the drain hose from its holder and pull the hose out of the housing.
  4. Remove sen/ioe flap.
  5. Pull down the Closing cap and allow the washing lye to flow into a suitable container.
  6. Push up the Closing cap (1st) and place the drain hose back in its holder (2nd).
  7. Carefully remove the pump cap. A little residual water will flow out.
  8. Remove any loose debris / fluff from inside the pump and Clean the pump. The pump impeller must be able to rotate. Clean any residual lye or fluff from the thread of the pump cap and pump housing.
  9. Attaoh and tighten the pump cap.
  10. Insert and Close sen/ioe flap.
  11. Pour litre/1 3/4 pt of water into Chamber 2.
  12. Select the ”Empty” programme.

Cleaning water inlet strainers

This is necessary if very little or no water flows into the washing machine.

Cleaning water inlet strainers
Cleaning water inlet strainers

First release the water pressure in the supply hose:

  1. Turn offt he water tap.
  2. Turn the programme selector to any programme (except ”Spin” and ”Empty”).
  3. Press ”Start/Pause” button and wait for ”Water tap Closed?” message.
  4. Turn the programme selector to ”Off”.
  5. Disconnect the hose from the water tap.
  6. Clean filter with a small brush or paint brush.
  7. Connect the hose.
  8. Turn on water tap.
  9. Check whether water is coming out of the end of the hose.

If water is still discharged, check that the strainer is attached properly.

Caution: Descaling agents contain acids which can attack parts of the washing machine and disoolour the laundry.

How do I reset the error code on my Siemens washing machine?

Press and hold down on the spin button and simultaneously turn the dial to the 7 o'clock position. Hold the spin button for around 5 seconds and then release. Turn the dial to the off position.

What is the error code E21 (F21) on a Siemens washing machine?

Error E21 or F21: The motor has an error. Turn off the washing machine and turn it back on after 3 minutes. This way, you reset the washing machine.

What is the error code E26 on a Siemens washing machine?

E26 / F26 appears in the display: Analogue pressure sensor faulty. The fault connected with “Error code E26 / F26: analogue pressure sensor faulty” can't be rectified by itself.

Siemens Washing Machine Manual PDF

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