Disney Plus Error Codes

Disney+ Error Codes List

Error CodesSolutions
4Your transaction is being cancelled due to some issues. It might be an invalid postal code, non US based bank card, invalid security code, etc.
5While you update your account information, there are some restrictions from Disney+ which might result in Disney Plus not working issue. So when you try updating information against the restrictions, you will get error code 5 on your account. Enter the correct information.
7Make sure that you have entered the proper information while creating the account and give a valid email ID as well.
8you need to use the exact email and correct password which you entered while creating your Disney Plus profile. Besides this, check your email folder and verify your email address.
9Login issue or payment issue. Check login info and payment/billing details.
11Content availability. Refresh internet connection, disable VPN or check content availability.
13Device limit reached. Sign out of Disney Plus on the devices you use the least, change your password, remove unused downloads.
22Restricted content. Check content availability, disable VPN, reset location settings or sign out of kids mode.
24Login or connection issue. Follow wifi connection troubleshooting guide, re-enter login details, check payment details.
25Internal error. Refresh Disney Plus web player, sign out and back in again, contact customer support.
27As the rights of the video aren’t available with Disney+, you will get this error in your account on any device you try to stream a video.
28If you’re trying to watch a video that isn’t available at the moment on Disney Plus. You have to wait till the video is available on Disney Plus platform.
29Due to the internal connectivity issues of the Disney+ servers. There’s no fix to this until Disney Plus responds to it.
30Device registration issue. Check device compatibility, sign out and log in again on impacted device.
31Location issue. Turn location services on, disable VPN, reset location settings.
32Login or password issue. Sign out and log in again, check payment/billing details, reset password.
35Restricted content. Check content availability, disable VPN, reset location settings or sign out of Kids mode.
36Restricted content. Check content availability, disable VPN, reset location settings or sign out of Kids mode.
38Time settings. Ensure time settings on your device are set to “automatic” or aligned to world clock time.
39This means that the video you are trying to watch cannot be watched at this time. This could be a rights availability or other issue with Disney+.
40It might be due to high traffic on the video or rights issue as well. Wait for some time or few hours, and then try to watch again to see if it works.
41The first thing to do is to restart your streaming device. This will clear its RAM, and grant it a fresh access on Disney+ server. If that does not help, you can try waiting for a day or two for other streamers to get done with watching the latest released video content. Once the traffic on Disney servers is back to normal, you can watch the content with ease.
42You can wait for some time until the video gets the rights. You can then watch the video without any hassles.
44You can only wait and watch the video once the Disney+ has got the rights to stream that particular show or movie.
72Try to login again if you’re already logged in. And try to use a different device or internet connection if it still doesn’t work.
73Disney+ is not available in your region or the internet you’re using is being pointed from a location where Disney Plus isn’t available.
75if you’re using multiple devices (more than 4) with same Disney+ login credentials, you will get error code 75 while streaming the content. Don’t use your Disney+ account on more than 4 devices simultaneously.
76Slow internet connections, you get error code 76 on your Disney Plus account. Ensure that your internet speed is at least 20 MBPS and it’s used by just couple of devices or a single device.
83Your device is not compatible to play Disney+ shows or movies or maybe you have connection issues.
86Blocked account, breach of terms of service. Check if account holder is over 18 years old, disable VPN, reset location settings, contact customer support.
87Login or password issue. Sign out and login again, check payment/billing details, reset password.

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