Haier Dryer Error Codes (and How to Fix Them)

Haier clothes dryers may encounter error codes while performing their functions. These codes help users quickly understand the status of their appliances. Users should first check the manual, as some problems have simple fixes. If the issue persists, contacting LG customer service or an authorized service technician is important. These error codes assist users in enhancing the efficiency of their dryers and swiftly resolving issues.

Most Common Codes

Error CodesSolutions
C9Short Circuit. The PCBs failed.
E4Heating Element Problem. The humidity sensor failed. The unit will complete thecurrent operating cycle. The unit can still operate under the Time cycles.
E5The temperature sensor failed.
E1The door is notclosed tightly. Shut the door tightly and restartthe machine.
E2There is no changein the temperatures of the laundry inthe tub.
E3The laundry is not dried.
E5The thermal sensoropen-circuited or short circuited.
E6Drain pump fails.
E7Under voltage or over voltage fault. Check the voltage of power supply.
E8Over load warning. Check the voltage of power supply. Reduce the load and restart the programme.
F2Drain pump error.
F41,Temperature of the laundry in the drum does not change. 2,Refrigerant leaks.
F32The condenser thermal sensor is open-circuited or short-circuited.
F33The condenser thermal sensor is open-circuited or short-circuited.
F5Communication failure between PCB and display.
cln LIntThe filters is clogged. Clean both filters.
H2O FULL The water tank is full. Clean the water tank.
LoAmbient temperature is too low. Only use the dryer at ambient temperatures higher than 5 °C.

Control Panel

Haier Dryer Control Panel
Haier Dryer Control Panel


In case of power failure, the current programme is stored only for a short time. Usually, a restart of the program is required.

TroublePossible Solution
Appliance fails to operate and the display shows 'End'Check the program setting and post-dry if necessary. Check the drum.
Drying time is too long.Clean the condenser filter. Reduce the amount of laundry. Spin the laundry properly before drying. Pay attention to the installation instructions. and increase the ambient temperature, if possible.
Drying time is too short.For single items or small amount of laundry the TIME programme should be selected. Select the TIME programme or a higher dry level.
Creasing at the laundry.Reduce the amount of laundry. Remove laundry immediately after programme end, hang them up and pull them into shape. Select and adjust the programme according to the fabric type.
Door does not close.Insert laundry correctly.
Remaining time on the display stops or skips.The automatic adjustment is a normal operation.
The drum interior light does not work.Check power supply. Switch the machine on.
Strong rumbling noiseThe dryer rack is not properly installed. Correct the seat of the dryer rack.
Haier Dryer Product Description
Haier Dryer Product Description

Clean the lint filter

Fiber abrasion results because of wearing and washing the laundry. These fibers (fluff) will be collected during the drying process in the lint filter. The lint filter in the filling opening must be cleaned after each drying cycle to ensure proper air circulation. The shining LED will remind you.

Clean the lint filter
Clean the lint filter
  1. Remove the lint filter from the drum (fig.: 37).
  2. Open the lint filter (fig.: 38 and 39) and remove all lint residuals. By using a damp cloth or moistened hand the fluff will be remove easily Detergent residue may be form coating at the fluff filter. In this case, the filter must be cleaned with warm water and a soft brush.
  3. Reinstall the cleaned lint filter in the tumble dryer (fig.: 40). The symbol only switches off after the appliance was turned off.
  4. Occasionally the fluff around the housing of the filter as well as on the seal should be removed (fig.: 41).

Do not operate the dryer without or with damaged lint or condenser filter.

Manual Pdf

Haier Heat Pump Dryer User Manual PDF

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